We typically begin our work with clients when they are facing a transition or an inflection point:

  • when leaders and staff are moving through an executive transition,
  • when identifying and embarking on a new mission or strategy, or
  • when undergoing an expansion in programs, products, services or revenue.

Process Consulting

Our approach is process consulting, which differs from other types of consulting. The Society for Process Consulting, the credentialing body teaching the practice of process consulting, provides a working definition:

“Process consulting is an iterative form of humble inquiry and guidance in which the consultant works alongside the client to co-create solutions. A process consultant’s purpose is not to provide ready-made solutions but to advance the client’s growth and learning through an authentic discovery process.”

Organizations and businesses dealing with complex change, adaptation, or growth benefit from this approach, which includes the social, relational, cultural, and psychological dynamics of change, not just the tasks involved.


We start by asking you deeper questions to uncover the real purpose of a process and the adaptive challenges you want to address to foster growth and transformation. Through embracing the cultural, social, and relational context of your organization, we co-create a process that aligns with your most important goals to move your organization forward.


Equipped with the right purpose and a co-created process, we walk alongside you and your organization through the planned activities that advance your goals and objectives. Through iterative steps along the way, we will shift and pivot to achieve your desired results.


We work collaboratively to constantly learn through the process so in the end, you are equipped to lead the process you have created for your organization. Through developing the knowledge and skills necessary to lead, the process becomes sustainable and generative for you and your organization in the future.

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