Greystone Global is committed to four core values that guide our work.

Courage.  We don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations; we step right into the middle of them.  We tell the kind truth to clients recognizing the dignity and humanity of the client.  Consequently, we may put the relationship with the client at risk, acknowledging that it is more important to serve our client’s needs than it is to protect our own business.

Compassion.  This is about finding those moments when we can humble ourselves and sacrificially take some of the burden off of a client in a difficult situation.  It also means maintaining the highest level of confidentially and respect for all members of an organization.

Creativity.  We do not believe in a one size fits all approach.  We use our deep knowledge of strategy, leadership, and organizations and create a unique approach that meets each client’s individual needs.

Continuous Learning.  We do not have all the answers and will not present ourselves as if we do.  We are committed to learning, seeking out possibilities and working alongside clients to identify strategies for their greatest benefit.

Portions of the value definitions have been borrowed from Patrick Lencioni in Getting Naked: A business fable about shedding the three fears that sabotage client loyalty, published in 2010 by Jossey-Bass.

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